It’s Not What’s On You

In trying to self-reflect, and align my higher purpose with how this fashion blog would serve that purpose, I caught myself feeling even more fearful, doubtful and paralyzed to take any action. I knew I was in trouble when I missed my yoga/meditation practice for nearly 3 weeks straight! As I write this, I am 5 days into my yoga practice again and with a brand new, half-inch thick super comfy Sivan yoga mat below me, my practice is far from perfect. It is however, an appropriate reminder that starting is always the hardest part. It’s also a reminder, that I need not worry about how exactly I will manage the higher purpose I have in mind, just starting is enough. And though I will be blogging about the external, my inner: beauty, conscience, peace, confidence and strength, will see me through as they always have.

So without further ado, let me get on with this blog and begin sharing my journey that’s sure to be full of twists, turns, adventures, cheeky behavior and cheap thrills; covering everything from fashion to fitness lifestyle, from freedom & empowerment to politics, from questioning business practices in retail to sharing business innovations and of course from my fake rap career  ha! to my day job (whatever it may be!).





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