aboutHi! My name is Manu. I’m a woman of moxie, edge, style and grace. I am currently based out of NYC, after taking a giant leap of faith last year, where I packed my bags for London to pursue a Master’s in Fashion Marketing/Business Management.

I enjoyed a great year in London, as well as my adventures around Paris, Italy and many other beautiful European cities. And while academia consistently exposed me to fashion industry’s shortfalls in terms of environmental damage caused and socio-economic unfairness created, my Instagram feed was flooding with Dior’s “We should all be feminists” and Everlane’s “100% Human” campaigns. Two sides to a story, eh…I knew then I was joining the fashion industry at a pivotal time and that is why I decided to start this blog: to talk about how fashion impacts us, our society and how together, we can impact the future of fashion business.

My aim is not to solve the big issues in fashion or to criticize it; I only want to keep it as real and lighthearted as possible in starting a dialogue via my personally curated style with something new, something old and something borrowed. I hope you join in for the fun with your thoughts, comments, likes/shares!